Open Day Woo Hoo

Complete Audience

This was a great audience. I even had folks going “Woo Hoo” whenever I said….

We had our first University Open day on campus today. Great fun and an amazing turnout. By the time I started talking we had the whole lecture theatre full. Thanks so much for coming, I hope that the trip was worth it. Sorry about the jokes…

Anyhoo, if you did come – or if you didn’t – here are some useful links will take you to the C# Yellow Book pages. You can download our complete First Year text from there as a PDF. Come to Hull on an admissions visit and we’ll give you a printed copy. is the site for our first 24 hour programming competition. It includes a link to the 360 magazine article that was written about the event. is the site for our second competition. This includes videos from all the teams about their entries. is the site for admissions, I’ll be updating this soon with departmental news and other stuff.