Nokia Lumia 800 For Free-ish

Lumia 800

Very nice too

I only went into the Orange Shop to see what the phone looked like. I wasn’t really far enough into my contract to make it possible to do a upgrade right now. Except that the phone did look very nice. And I can probably find someone who will give me a few quid for my good condition Samsung Omnia 7 (which was until 30 seconds or so into the demonstration my favourite Windows Phone). But the deal clincher was a good one. Turns out that if you are an employee of the university you can get a 25% discount on your Orange phone bill if you take out a new contract. Which means that over a year I’ll save a goodly chunk of the upgrade price. So that was that. Where do I sign?

I’m now the very proud owner of a Nokia Lumina 800. The wheel has turned all the way round. I started out with Nokia phones all those years ago, with a lovely 7110 (the “Matrix” phone) and went through a number of Nokia devices before I jumped ship because the lure of writing programs for my phone just got too great.

And now I’m back with blue boxes. The packaging and presentation were excellent. The phone is a really, really well crafted object. It has quite a turn of speed compared with the Samsung (not that my old phone was ever much of a slouch). The camera is a step up too, and even takes reasonable flash pictures. I’ve got twice as much space for content and the screen is astonishing. It has the clarity of OLED but isn’t quite as “in your face” as the Sansung.

And it runs Cheese Lander.