Uncharted 3–Drake’s Deception


Bought the third in the Uncharted series of video games today. I must admit I’ve not actually quite finished the second one yet. I got stuck taking on some really nasty crossbow wielding goblin thingies that were very hard to kill. But I was very close to the end.

The third instalment of “Tomb Raider with a bloke” is very much in the same vein as the previous two, but very, very well done. One of the best bits for me is that in this one you usually have a partner with you and they are actually quite useful to have around. Unlike some games, where your comrades stand around getting shot while you solve the puzzle and take out the bad guys, these folks are quite engaged and will even give you problem solving tips if you stagger around dumbly for long enough.

The locations that I’ve been to so far have all been excellent. I feel kind of guilty not taking in the beautifully rendered environments while I’m going for a headshot on the rocket launching zombie on the other side of the valley, but it all looks very nice.

The scenario with its strange maps from the past, underground tombs and “Say, do you think that statue might rotate?” moments is very like the earlier ones, but in a good way.

The stern message at the start says that you should take a break of at least 15 minutes in each hour of gameplay. But this is not a game you can really play in 45 minute chunks. Me, I keep getting dry eyes because I forget to blink during the gameplay.

If you liked the earlier ones you’ll love this. If you’ve always wanted to take part in an Indiana Jones movie, you’ll love it too.