PlayMusic for Windows Phone


I seem to be on a Windows Phone application roll at the moment. This one has just gone live in the Marketplace too. I had the idea for it when I was driving into work last Tuesday. I built the application in around an hour, spent 30 minutes or so making it pretty and building the icons and then submitted it into Windows Phone Marketplace. And now you can load it.

It doesn’t do much, but I find it useful. I built it as a workaround to get music playing when I’m driving along. I like to be able to start the music playing using voice commands and I’ve not found a way to do this with the phone. I can start programs running (including Zune) but I can’t start music playing. This may be something that I’ve missed, but I enjoyed writing the application anyway so it is not a loss as far as I am concerned.

I can get music playing by just using the voice command “Start PlayMusic”. When the application runs it just picks a random playlist (or album if there are no playlists on the phone) and plays it. If the music is already playing it does nothing. The program also displays a pithy message (those took longer to think up than writing the actual program code). If it solves a problem for you, then grab a copy.