Morning Papers and Hull Platform Expo

Guitar Shop

Early morning guitar shop.

I did another paper review for Radio Humberside this morning. It seems that I’m doing a lot of early rising at the moment. And there is a surprising amount of traffic at 6:30 in the morning.

Anyhoo, we had fun talking about some tech stuff and Twitter. I tweet as RobMiles and Andy Comfort, the breakfast presenter,  as andycomfort (which shows we both have the same level of originality I guess).

Andy even let me have some time to chat about PlatformExpo, which is going from strength to strength.  It all happens on 27th March and you can find out more here:

We are going to have the results of our 24 hour game development competition, live interactive music and art, demos of 3D technology, digital showcases and I’ll be giving a session about Microsoft Kinect – having not slept the night before. One of those rare occasions where the audience has to keep me awake….