More Open Day Fun


This is the lucky prize winner from the Open Day today. We had another great crowd.

Open Day Crowd

These are some of them. Thanks for coming folks, hope you learnt something from the trip. I was asked if I had any ideas for things to do over summer to prepare for starting a Computer Science course. So I though I’d put some thoughts together.

First thing is to make sure you get good grades in your exams in summer. I’d hate to think that time spent playing with computers caused to you fail those.  But once you’ve done your exams I’d advise you to get hold of an introductory text on programming and have a go. You can get our First Year course here:

There are links to my Windows Phone programming notes and also a version of my XNA book which you can download. If you are still a student I’d advise you to head off to Dreamspark and get hold of some free software. If you are not a student you can get free versions of Visual Studio here:

I wouldn’t try to do too much, but I would read the yellow book and try to get a feel for programming and what it is all about. A clue: it is not really mathematics, it is more about organisation.