Three Thing Game Judging at Platform Expo

Three Thing Game Finals
Yours truly with “To Be Confirmed”, whose take on “Warrior Koalas on Mars” got them a Windows Phone each. Good work guys. Now put it in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We put 60 or so bleary eyed students on a double decker bus and drove them down to Platform Expo for the judging.

Three Thing Game Finals

They must be judges, they’ve got clipboards…

All the group watched the judging videos (which will be online soon) and asked a bunch of questions about the entries.  At noon we announced the winners. The students then had an hour or so to explore the expo (or collapse somewhere) and then the trusty bus brought them back to campus.

Every team stayed the course this time, and we had playable content from all of them. Some of the teams did amazing things with some truly tricky starting points and they stuck to their subjects really well. I’m terrifically impressed with all the students, who served as ambassadors for the university at every level. We even had a bunch of volunteers who had given up a chunk of their Sunday to come and demonstrate the 3DS to people at the expo.

Jon and I did talks about 3D displays and Kinect that were well received and well attended (although I’m not sure how coherent we were only having had 3 hours sleep in the last 36).

Great fun, if exhausting. I’ve put a load of pictures up on Flickr (search for the tag threethinggame) and I’ll be uploading the judging videos on Monday.