Vegas Shopping


If I ever have a business where I need some of the best sales people in the world I’m going to hire folks from the ‘states. Absolutely. I went shopping today and it experienced the full force sales experience stateside. People in the shops here really want you to have a good day. And they reckon the best kind of day is spent buying their stuff. I went down to one of the Vegas Outlet malls and was bowled over by the people there. In a very expensive kind of way.  I know that you can get good and bad service anywhere in the world, but out here it seems that good far outweighs the bad.

And I found out something new about Las Vegas since I was last here. They now have a Fry’s Electronics. And you can get there on the bus. Fry’s is a big brand across the ‘states. The have warehouse sized shops filled with everything, from individual electronic components up to full blown AV systems. I must have been in there for two hours looking at stuff.

The bus is the one that goes up and down the strip. Seven dollars buys you a day’s worth of travel and it is one of the greatest bargains in this town. The busses are frequent and shiny new.  And the bus station is ace.

Bus Station Panorama
I  call this one “Bus Station Panorama”

Bus Station Tiles
.. and this one is the tiles on the wall

I staggered back late afternoon with my purchases, and then headed out to meet some of the Windows Phone crew for a drink and a bite. Great fun, I met a couple of folks from Boston who’s names I’ve completely forgotten (although I do remember pretty much everything else) and I also met up with the chap who wrote the original version of Farseer. Since he is the man who made “Destruction Golf” possible, I shook him warmly by the hand..

I finally crashed into bed way later than I should have been up, but it it was a really good evening. The conference proper starts tomorrow. With around 20 hours or so of beauty sleep I should be fine…