Get Portal 2


I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time over the last few days watching number one son play Portal 2. I quite like watching other people play video games. Whenever I play most of my time is spent being dead or otherwise inconvenienced. Number one son does not seem to have these problems, although in Portal the nice thing is that you are not actually under threat of sudden death most of the time. Unless you do something stupid in one of the puzzles that is of course. And there are a lot of puzzles. Along with the sing-song voice of the psychotic computer and another computer who also records adverts for a bank and works with Ricky Gervais. Or something.

The game is really good. Really good. So good I might just invest in a copy myself. Apparently if you get the PS3 version you also get a token allowing you to download a copy for your PC or Mac, which is nice.

I think it helps if you have played the previous version first, you can pick that up as part of the wonderful “Orange Box” compilation for most platforms.