Heading to Antwerp


Some of these trains do not exist.

In the Netherlands trains don’t run late. They just don’t run. Which makes for all kinds of fun and games if you try to use the ones that aren’t there. The 14:07 from Schipol airport to Antwerp made a brief guest appearance on the station display before vanishing. After a while I got to recognise the “apologetic cough” in Dutch that pre-ceded messages about trains that weren’t going to run. Even though I couldn’t understand much of the rest of the announcements.

Fortunately they announce the international trains in English too (I still find the idea of trains that “go abroad” really exciting) and so I was able to figure out how to get to Rotterdam and then change for Antwerp. And here I am. The hotel is great, the presentations are written and the demos are working. I’ve even found a McDonalds to have tea in. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Antwerp Central Station looking good.