Thwaite Gardens Open Day

Thwaite Lake

This is right in the middle of Cottingham.

Thwaite Hall is one of the student halls at the university. At the back of Thwaite Hall is a frankly amazing garden (including the lake you can see above) and some greenhouses containing plant collections.  This is all managed by the Friends of Thwaite Gardens, who are working to make the gardens more accessible. They are open during the week for anyone to walk around and each year they hold an Open Day. This year’s Open Day was today, so we went down there with a whole bunch of cameras and lenses. And I took a bunch of photos. You can find all of them on Flickr here. Here are some of them.

Thwaite Lawn

This is just a small part of the gardens.

Thwaite Trees


Thwaite Greenhouse

Cactus Greenhouse

Thwaite Cactus Flower

Some of these cacti have amazing flowers

Thwaite Flower


Thwaite Cactus Flower 2

Cactus Flower

Thwaite Flower 2

Another Flower

Thwaite Flower 4

Using the bendy lens..