Sir Tim Berners-Lee at the Yorkshire International Business Convention

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. I was lucky enough to take a few students up from Hull today and hear him.

During his talk today at the Yorkshire International Business Convention he mentioned that 20% of the world now has web access, and that access to the web is being made a human right in some countries. It was great to hear him speak of the origins of the world wide web as a side project and how it has developed to become the massively complex beast that we have today. Having designed the way that systems on the web interact he has made it his mission to ensure that it continues to develop according to the original vision of free access for all, to all.

He was preceded by Roy Walker who, as a highly accomplished comedian, gave a master class in comic timing and reminded me of a simpler time when jokes were just funny, and not complicated.

Roy Walker

Once outside we made for the beach and an ice cream:

The Crew

These are the crew that came along from Hull in the minibus.