I Hate Plumbing

Thwaite Cactus Centre

This is a picture of a cactus. You wouldn’t want a picture of anything else…

I don’t mind wiring things up. I know where I am with electricity. It tends to stay in the cable and not squirt out of joints at each end. Unlike water. The water pipe going into the toilet cistern has been leaking slightly and so I thought I’d improve on Fix #1 (a bowl underneath to catch the drips) with Fix #2, tightening the compression joint. (you just know this is going to end badly, don’t you).

Anyhoo, I attached my one good adjustable spanner (all the rest seem to have vanished) and gave the joint a twirl. This had the effect of twizzling the whole fitting round and shearing off part of the ball cock inside the cistern. This was extra annoying because I’d tried to use my other adjustable spanner (the bad one) to hold that part still and the spanner had just broken. So now whenever the toilet fills up after a flush I also get a four foot high jet of water into the air. Not good. So it was off down to the DIY store to get a replacement fitting. Which of course wouldn’t fit. In the end, by dint of a lot swearing and removal of skin from various knuckles I’m pretty much back where I started, with a bowl collecting the drips. I can’t replace the faulty part with a new one because all the new ones are the wrong size.

I think it might be new toilet time.