Imagine Cup 2011 Culture and Party

Empire State Panorama

Today was a cultural day. This is when the Imagine Cup delegates get to do their own thing, or take part in some activities specially set up for them. However, in the morning we had our own agenda, and set off to go up the Empire State Building. The good news is that if you go first thing you can pretty much walk straight in. It was rather nice to walk through all the areas that would normally be fully of queuing people. Once at the top I took quite a few pictures, which will doubtless surface on these pages over time.

Then we went over to Macys store and had a look round, before returning to the hotel to join a “walking tour” around Manhattan. When we arrived the advice from folks who had been here before was to just walk around the city. I completely agree. Each neighbourhood has its own character and it is very interesting to see each one change into another. You can walk a single block and find all the shop signs complete change from one language to another.

In the evening we joined the trip to Ellis Island for a barbeque.

Statue of Liberty

On the way we went past a New York icon. and even managed to get onto the island and see here up close and personal.

Student Teams

There are all the teams, with a rather nice backdrop.

New York Cityscape

The skyline looks even nicer when the sun goes down a bit.

Once we’d had enough to eat and drink we had a quick look around the Ellis Island museum and then it was time to get back on the boat and head home. Just a fantastic evening, thanks Microsoft.