Setting Ringtones in Windows Phone 7.5


When I upgraded my Samsung to the latest version of Mango I lost my beloved custom ringtone. I’d used the Chevron tool to set the ringtone ages ago, and the “undocumented feature” that made it work must have been withdrawn/fixed. Anyhoo, nothing is going to keep me from my precious ringtone, so I set about fixing this.

One of the improvements in Windows Phone Mango is that it lets you set your own ringtones. There is even a sample application here that does this. However,it is a bit too complicated for me. I just have a wma file that I want to make into a ringtone on the phone. That’s what this program does. Just add your wma file in place of Ringtone.wma and build and deploy the program. Run it and press the Set Ringtone button and follow the instructions. If all is well you should get a toast pop up telling you the ringtone has been deployed.  You can then select the ringtone on the phone.

Of course your phone needs to be developer unlocked for this to work. Just one more reason to become a Windows Phone developer.