Imagine Cup Video Round Judges Comments now Available


I’ve just finished spending a few hours in the Imagine Cup Judging tool. I’ve been going through the judges comments on the Video Presentations that we’ve been reviewing. The idea is that we can get some feedback to the teams in advance of the finals in New York next week. This will allow them to add some detail to their presentations and make sure they can give their best.

With over 60 teams it has been quite a challenge to summarize all the comments and get them distributed but I hope the teams find the information useful. I was very impressed with the videos that I saw, and it was good to see comments from other judges saying how much they enjoyed seeing theirs as well.

Remember that these comments are there to make good things even better. If we have mentioned that you could add some coverage to particular aspects of your presentation this means that we liked what we saw, and we want to see more.

I’m really looking forward to New York next week. It is going to be super great. Come and say hello if you see me. I’m the tall bloke wearing the Lego watch….