Imagine Cup 2011 Round 2 Teams

At least the camera seems to be working again now…

Well, that was fun. Six presentations, six teams of passionate and enthusiastic students. Six good ideas well implemented. Now we have to put all the scores together and find the 18 best ones. We also have to assemble 18 feedback reports. And all before the end of the day. And we just about made it.

These are the 18 teams who are moving forward to the next round:

  • 2ndSight Slovenia
  • Apptenders Croatia
  • Care Everyone China
  • Celebrio Software Czech Republic
  • DashPoint Ukraine
  • Infiniti India
  • LevelUP Brazil
  • Lifeware S.A.C. Chile
  • OaSys Jordan
  • OneBuzz New Zealand
  • OriTeam Russia
  • SIMPLEX Romania
  • Team 25k Finland
  • Team Cyber Knightz Malaysia
  • Team Hermes Ireland
  • Team Note-Taker United States
  • White Light Morocco
  • Zippers Slovakia

Last Names

I was up on the stage reading out the names Lisa pulled from a hat. We do this to set the order for the presentation tomorrow.

I was very aware that as well as making 18 teams very happy I was also making 49 teams a bit sad. We say “you are all winners” a lot at the World Finals. Mainly because it is true. For those that didn’t make the cut I can tell you that the competition was very fierce, with the standard going up again. (as it seems to every year). And you have all gained more from this competition than you know. It really will change your life. When you go for a job, make sure that you tell them about the time you had in New York, and what you built. It will be the making of you. Remember that your Imagine Cup entry is not the only great thing you will do. It is just one of the first.

And a final tip if you didn’t quite make it. Go to the eating area on the 8th floor of the hotel. Grab something nice to eat and drink and find a window seat looking out onto the lights of Times Square. Then say to yourself. “I’m in New York on an all expenses paid trip. Last night I saw Steve Balmer turn up and give a speech just to us. Tomorrow we have a BBQ at Ellis Island. I’ve got nothing to do but play with cool tech, hang out with folks like me and explore New York”. And then tell me again how unfortunate you are….