Amazing Micro Framework Offer


I was talking to Gus at GHI Electronics today about Gadgeteer (which looks totally wonderful) and he made a very interesting offer. The Gadget hardware is a little way off, and he is prepared to offer an amazing deal on the current Fez Ultimate Kit you can see above. This gives you a colour touch screen, a bunch of lights and switches, SD card storage, network connectivity and even a remote control keyfob. They are priced on the site at $150 but Gus is happy to offer a special “Robs Price” which is a lot less than this. A lot less. Snag is, I have to get a bunch of orders together so we can all benefit from this.

Actually, at $150 this would be good value, bearing in mind that you get a complete microcontroller development kit you can program in C# using Visual Studio. You can even spin up a web site on the platform if you want.

I’m looking forward to Gadgeteer, which will give us some slightly more powerful boxes, but I reckon at this price it is really hard to turn down this kit.

If you are interested in paying an amazing prize for this kit, and you will be at Hull some time in the future, send me a message at and I’ll let you know just how much you could save. Then, when you get to Hull, we can get together and have fun making them do stuff.