Captain America Movie Review


We actually saw Captain America some time back, in the best possible place to view such a film. America. I love American cinema audiences. In the UK the audience usually sits fairly quietly, unless something really amazing happens on the screen or they feel the need to “Shhhhh” someone nearby who is making too much noise with their sweet wrappers. In the USA the audience likes to join in. This includes sharp intakes of breath, cheers and even clapping at the end – although it is unlikely that the director or any of the stars can hear the applause. Great stuff.

Anyhoo, this film has been tailor made for the American audience. The clue is in the name. All the baddies are pretty much bad all the way through, and very easy to spot. Parts are played with gusto, although the cartoon origins of the characters do tend to show through a bit. The special effects are up to the job and the whole thing hangs together as well as a superhero movie needs to. If you are prepared to suspend your disbelief from the highest American flagpole then you will have a great time, as we did.