The Gunstringer for Xbox 360 Kinect


When the Kinect was released I was hoping that some games would come along that made use of the things it can do to create different types of game. The sports simulation games are nice enough, as are the dancing ones, but I’ve been waiting for completely new game types.

The Gunstringer is certainly new. You use your left hand to control a gunslinging marionette in his (its?) quest for vengeance against those who done him wrong.  The right hand is used for targeting and shooting. The whole thing is presented in the form of a puppet show with a live audience who cheer you on and boo the bad guys.

There are daft cut scenes, some great voice acting and the whole thing is powered by a 3D engine that seems to be called “Beard”. It is all delightfully silly and great fun. You can download a demo version and have a play with that, and once you have had a taste I reckon you’ll be forking out for the full game.