Hash Tag Revision


I said that anyone revising the Software Development exam could tweet their question with the tag #08220revison and I’d answer as best I could. Here are some of the answers. Good luck in the exam folks.

Multiplicity: A library can have lots of books. The multiplicity is one library to 1 to many books.

When to pick the programming language: Analysis should be all about the problem, so the language should be picked in the Design stage.

Waterfall vs. Rapid Development: Waterfall: do each stage, move on and don't go back. Rapid: Keep iterating and adding functionality.

Coupling and Cohesion: Coupling I ask you to do things. If you change what you do, I'm in trouble. Cohesion I can do my thing without asking you anything

Stakeholder: anyone who has an interest in the system(put up the money, wrote it, uses it, gets fired if it fails etc)