Lego Star Wars Battle of Hoth


Lego Star Wars Battle of Hoth is a neat little game which they say is for up to four players but works best with just two, light against dark. You take it in turns to move and attack your little Lego snow speeders and AT-ATs in an attempt to wipe out your opponents or storm their defences. It was getting quite strategic until number one son had a run of phenomenal  luck (I suspect the force) and I lost.

Probably not worth the asking price really unless you are a Star Wars fanatic. You could spend around the same amount of money on the Creationary game which has a lot more to it. Having said that, if you have someone little in your family who is a Star Wars nut and you want to get them used to strategy games, perhaps on the way to chess, then it is a good starting point. And being Lego they encourage you to change the rules and board shape to make it more interesting.