Rob at the Round Table


You can’t say I’m not versatile. A couple of weeks ago it was Cottingham Women’s Institute, tonight it was the local Round Table who had invited me to speak. So, in my smart suit (but not quite as smart as the folks above) I turned up at the Hallmark Hotel to try my hand at after dinner speaking. Or in my case, after apple crumble speaking as I didn’t get there in time to eat the whole meal….

I’ve not done this kind of thing before (I hope this didn’t show too much). I’d carefully prepared some notes that I thought might go down OK, but thanks to SkyDrive not synchronising them properly (can you see a pattern forming here?) I’d not had as much time to work on them as I was planning too.

Anyhoo, thanks to a great audience, who even managed to laugh at quite a few of the the jokes, I made it through around 20 minutes of “not quite as well prepared as it might have been” mayhem. Thanks for inviting me folks. And the apple crumble, to say nothing of the entertainment that followed my talk, was splendid.