So Many Things. So Little Time.


What 20,000 pounds actually looks like. Of course you can't spend it in the shops...


Teams and their Two Things

We had our Thing Auction today. Last year we just managed to get through all the lots in the time that we had. This year we had more teams and just didn't make it. There was a time when I thought that we would get everything done, then a couple of mammoth bidding wars put us a bit behind schedule.

Never mind. We plan to run the "Third Thing Auction" just before the Rather Useful Seminar on Wednesday. That's at 1:15 pm in LTD on the Third Floor of the Robert Blackburn Building. The lecture is all about preparing for Three Thing Game, so it seems rather appropriate.

If any team really can't wait until then to get their hands on a thing, they can contact me and I'll dig one out for them.

It was fun though. The sound the crowd made when the thing "Keyboard cat" came out was wonderful.