The Pi has Landed


Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Yoghurt. And a Red Rocket, that looks like it has been Photoshopped on, but did actually fly past as I was taking the picture.

I’ve now got a Raspberry Pi! I got it from Cameron, who also very kindly supplied me with an HDMI to DVI adapter so that I can plug the Pi into a monitor in my office. It fired up a treat after I had built an SD card with a copy of the operating system. Looks very nice and works well. I’m trying very hard to remember all the Unix commands I used to know so that I can drive the thing.  In case you were wondering why I’ve bought a Pi (as if being me wasn’t enough reason), this will be the beating heart of my video game coffee table, which is now taking shape. I even went down to Argos and bought a couple of coffee tables which will be used to hold the monitor and the other gubbins. Tomorrow we are going to have a go at connecting the joysticks to the Pi and try to run a Mame game or too. Should be a fun way to spend a lunch break….