Strictly Ballroom the Musical

It's a well known fact (at least to me) that I don't "do" musicals. I blame my parents. As a child I was dragged to film after film where everybody started dancing and singing just as the plot was getting interesting, which I found really annoying.

I thought all movies were like that, and that perhaps there were parts of the world where spontaneously bursting into song and dance was normal behaviour. I can vividly remember the relief of finding that there were films with no singing. 

This has left its mark on me. I don't like musicals (except for "Beauty and the Beast" of course, but that's different......)

Anyhoo, today found me, rather unexpectedly, in the audience for Strictly Ballroom - The Musical. This follows the current trend of making every mildly successful film into a musical. Although I wish them the best of luck with "The Artist".

And I rather enjoyed it. I don't remember any of the songs well enough to hum them, but I did remember all the of good bits of the film that they had reverently inserted into the production. If you like live theatre performed with style and gusto, go along. If you enjoyed the move, go twice.