PlayStation Vita


Apparently it is called a PlayStation Vita because of the associations with speed and life. I must admit the name makes me thing of crisp-bread. And I wasn’t going to get one. Oh  no. With a phone and a Nintendo DS 3D I couldn’t see a reason to own the device. Until I saw it running.

The graphics are very impressive. Like very, very impressive. It really is a PS3 you can carry around with you. I had a go at Ridge Racer (I think I’ve bought that game more times that I’ve bought different copies of Star Wars) and the presentation and graphics were excellent. And I got a cool pair of (surprisingly good) blue headphones as well.

For casual games phones and iPads are great. For something a bit different and the 3D effect the Nintendo DS 3D has a lot to offer. But for hard core gamers I reckon the PS Vita has an awful lot going for it.