Open Day and Holy Trinity HDR


I took this in Hull Holy Trinity Church this morning while I was up town shopping. It is an HDR picture made from five original images. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Then, this afternoon we had our last Saturday open day of the season. As usual I took a shot of the audience:


Another good turnout. And of course we had a lucky (!?) winner of my XNA book.


After the open day it was back home to vacuum round the house (what  lifestyle I have) and spend some more time playing with HDR pictures.


I quite like this one too. Next time I’m going back with a proper tripod. Balancing the camera against bits of the furniture doesn’t always make for the best compositions.

If you live in Hull and you haven’t had a look around Hull Holy Trinity church then you are missing out. It has an interior that would put quite a few Minsters to shame.