Imagine Cup Preliminary Summary Due


Today is the last chance for submitting your Preliminary Summary document for your entries into the Imagine Cup Software Development challenge. You need to send in your document (at least 600 characters – so no Tweets) by the end of today.

Note that this is not something that will contribute to your judged score, it is more of a “sanity check” for the entry. For example if you said something like “We are thinking of creating a social networking site for everyone to use and we are going to call it "’Book of Faces’” then the Imagine Cup team might come back and politely suggest that something similar has been done before and you might like to change your approach slightly.

If you change the basis of your entry, perhaps targeting a different set of users or using a different technology in the light of your experience then this is absolutely fine, but if you completely change direction then you should send an update to the Imagine Cup team to let them know. As I write this (9:00 am GMT) you have around 15 hours to get your submission in. So get too it.