Heading Home from Singapore

Bangkok Airport

Bangkok airport, although it could really be any one of them.

Of the last five days I’ve spent three of them travelling. Today it was time to go home, which meant another day or so sitting in a metal tube. Kudos to KLM for moving me to a seat which I could actually fit into for the 12 hour flight from Bangkok…

On the way out I thought I’d play a game by posting pictures of departure lounges and getting folks to spot where in the world I was. Of course some of the sharper people out there just went straight for the GPS data that my phone puts in each image and told me, to the nearest foot or so, where I was when the picture was taken. Most impressive, if a bit scary….

Anyhoo, all the flights and connections were on time and worked, and I even got my luggage home too.

Back at work tomorrow.