Undercover Laptop Sleeve


If you want something to carry around your big laptop (or even your tiny Butterfly Touch) you could do a lot worse than the Undercover Laptop Sleeve. I got mine last year while I was in the ‘states, and I was quite surprised to find that they are actually made by a UK company. They are basically a thick, padded envelope with a nice soft lining that you can put your laptop in. The envelope is printed with lots of (rather amusing) fake stamps and address stuff that make it look like you are carrying an old envelope, rather than your super expensive laptop.

If you have a tiny tablet like mine you can fold the whole thing double for even better protection and the top uses velcro to keep everything nicely sealed. It is perhaps a bit expensive just for a laptop sleeve (although I’ve seen some with really eye-watering prices) but if friends or family are looking for things to get you for your birthday this would make a really nice present. They also do a smaller envelope that would fit an iPad.