Inspiring Teacher Award


A couple of weeks ago I got an email saying that I’d been shortlisted for an award. The Student Union at Hull has instituted a set of Teaching Awards and I’d been nominated in the “Inspiring Teaching” category, which was very nice.

I was invited to an awards ceremony where they were serving tomato soup, roast beef and profiteroles. My favourites, which was even nicer.


The actual ceremony was fantastic. They even had a band who played through the evening. The result for my category was towards the end of the proceedings, which was a bit nerve wracking, but the food and conversation were great and the time passed really quickly. Then came the results. And I’d won. Which was amazing.


I staggered down to the front and was presented with the trophy. Photos were taken and then I staggered back. I’m not usually someone who is lost for words but I was this time. In fact I still am. It is just so nice. Thanks everyone.