Melbourne Sunday


This is Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. It says so on the front.

Today we started our first full day in Melbourne. Lovely place. Has trams and everything. At the moment it looks like it is to Sydney what Boston is to New York.


But with more graffiti, which makes it a bit like Seattle too.


This is Federation Square. They have the Australian Centre for the Moving Image here, which has a fantastic exhibition all about the origins of modern mass entertainment. It even has an exhibit for Skippy.  There is also an interesting looking Game Masters exhibition. Perhaps we’ll take a look at that later.  No, we’ll definitely take a look at that later…

After lunch we went down to St. Kilda, which is down by the beach side. Every Sunday they have booths selling crafty bits and bobs, which were fun.


This is the entrance to Luna Park.


This is the main street in St. Kilda, given a very mild HDR treatment...


I just love what they did with this place.

The weather was very kind, but one thing I have noticed is just how fast it can change from bright blue skies to grey.


To this, complete with hardy swimmer.


Anyhoo, after a good walk round and another ride on the trams we were ready to turn in. Jetlag to Australia is the worst I’ve ever experienced. The day is completely inverted and there is no way to ease yourself into it gently. After well over a week we are still waking up at odd hours and feeling exhausted at 8:00 at night. But we are not letting it stop us have a great time. More fun tomorrow.