Pinball and Batman


This is in one of the Melbourne shopping centres, you get this view if you eat at Nandos, which worked for me. After lunch I dragged number one wife all across town and down to an industrial estate for some pinball action. I’d seen an advert for a place called Bumper Action that said they had lots of machines for sale.


The advert didn’t lie. They had loads. all on free play.


..including the best machine ever, on the left. No idea who the bloke is.

They also sold spares, and I was able to buy a replacement set of electronics for the clock on my TZ machine. If you are ever in Melbourne you should check them out. They have loads of juke boxes and some arcade games too. Lovely place, run by folks who really care about the important business of shooting small metal balls around a wooden playfield….

Once we had made our way back to town we headed off to the Imax to see the latest Batman movie. All I can say is wow. I reckon it was really, really, good. Spiderman last week was OK, but this film shows how it should be done. I was a bit worried that, at well over two hours, the film might drag a bit in the middle. But it didn’t. A fitting end to perhaps the best superhero trilogy that we have seen.