King of Tokyo


Number one son doesn’t like board games with lots of dice. He reckons that they remove the skill, and doesn’t like being beaten by blind chance. I, on the other hand, love lots of dice. I like to be able to point to an unlucky throw as the reason for my failure to win, rather than any lack of skill/intelligence on my part. I reckon that chess would be vastly improved by a bunch of dice and a spinner.

Having said all that, number one son rather likes the “King of Tokyo” game, even though it has lots of dice. I like it too. Each player is a monster trying to take over Tokyo, or be the last one standing. A turn is a bit like the Yahtzee game, where you repeatedly throw a bunch of dice to get a good set, and then decide what to do with it. You have to balance attacking, healing and buying power ups as you go along.

The games are fast and furious and fortunes can wax and wane on the throw of the dice. We got through a couple of games in an hour and they were great fun. Even though I didn’t win.

Pesky Dice.