Imagine Cup First Round Fun


Today we had the First Round presentations in the Imagine Cup World Finals. 72 teams, loads of judges and a whole bunch of presentations to watch and score.Above are some of the teams just before we gave them their competition briefing and sent them off to sell their solutions. Once all the teams had presented we we had to get the scores back in, announce the teams moving forwards to Round 2, summarize their session feedback from the judges and then send it back. All before midnight. And we did. Congratulations to the following 20 teams:

  • tethoCloud Australia 
  • Xight China
  • Level Up Egypt
  • Greenway Germany
  • Symbiosis  Greece
  • DocTek Systems  Ireland
  • Coccolo Japan
  • Dancing Pillow Jordan
  • Etzoockee Kazakhstan
  • Let IT Bee Korea
  • MobileEye New Zealand
  • Grawesome Oman
  • wi-GO Portugal
  • Technology Lanterns Qatar
  • IQube Romania
  • AlphaWaves  Singapore
  • Osmosis Slovenia 
  • uCHAMPsys Taiwan
  • cipher256  Uganda
  • Quadsquad Ukraine

These are the teams that are going forward to Round 2. They get to present tomorrow, all over again.  The standard this year has been the highest I’ve ever seen, as were the scores, with teams separated by wafer thin amounts. It was hard to draw the line between them, but at the end of of the day we have to do that.


This was the picture just as the results were announced. If you were one of the 52 teams that didn’t make it, please, please, please stay happy. You have a lot to be happy about, more than you know. Just the fact that you have taken part in the competition and reached a point where someone will pay to send you half way round the world to see you strut your stuff is pretty amazing. Sydney is fantastic, the food and drink is free, and you are now on the radar of a lot of very interesting people.

One day one of whom might wake up with a need for someone who is smart, tech savvy and knows how to deliver presentations and products. And your Imagine Cup participation could suddenly change your life in a very big way.

Every Saturday night they have a huge firework display here. Which looked very nice indeed.