Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Number one daughter reckons that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the PS Vita is good fun. And it is. I bought a copy second hand (or “pre-owned”, which sounds much better) and the first thing it said when I started it was that because the game had been used before I would not be able to get any achievements on my Playstation Network account. Now, since the only reason I do anything is to get achievements (no – really) this was rather irritating.

It was almost as if they wanted to penalise those folks who didn’t pay full price for a new version, in the same way that second hand cars don’t have as many gears as those brought brand new. No, wait, that’s wrong….

Anyhoo, if you find yourself in the same position it seems that there is a way that you can sort this out. Put the cartridge into your Vita and wait for the UMVC3 icon to appear. Then hold your finger on the icon until all the icons start to wobble and have those three dots above them. This is the Vita way of letting you move games and applications around the screens. If you touch the three dots above the UMVC3 icon you will see the menu above. Just select Delete and confirm it to remove the information about this game from your system. Then pop the game cartridge out and back in again for a clean install. Note that this removes all your progress in the game, and so it works best if it is the first thing that you do before you start playing it.

The game itself is hilarious. If you’ve ever wanted to fight as Phoenix Wright (actually he is a bit of a wimp – but his secretary packs quite a punch) then this is a great way to do it.