Pi Powered Tabletop Gaming Machine


Firebox do this amazing “arcane arcade table”. It is basically a MAME (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator) PC underneath a 26 inch TFT monitor and with a tricked out sliding joypad thing. It looks very nice. It also costs 4,000 pounds. Wah.

But a Raspberry Pi costs 30 quid and has MAME support. A monitor shouldn’t come in at much more than 100 quids (assuming I can’t find one lying around somewhere). IKEA do coffee tables at around a tenner, and so I reckon it should be possible to get something going for a lot less (how about a twentieth) than the cost of the “amazing” one.

Ever since I saw Jon Purdy’s tabletop Galaxian machine I’ve kind of fancied having a machine like this in the living room. Even number one wife kind of approves, as long as it is not too big and not in the middle of the room. The only tricky bit is making the bezel and inlaying the screen into the tabletop. That has to be done properly, but perhaps if a bunch of folks got together we could have some made.

Anyone fancy having a go?