Undergraduate Welcome Party


It’s amazing what people do when you say “Act happy”.

Today we had the Welcome Party for the new undergraduate students. Great fun. I took the big camera and grab some snaps. As an experiment I’m taking the tiny camera to the one next week, to see what difference it makes to the pictures.


We had a new toy this time. a six car digital Scalectrix. We had a computer timing laps and running quick races to find the fastest drivers. Went rather well, although the cars took a bit of a pasting. By the end all but one were still running though. We had some blankets around the corner bits to hopefully reduce the damage.


Something bad in the process of happening…


This is photographic evidence of the first sub-three second lap…


These guys won the quiz.IMG_5028.jpg

These folks came secondIMG_5030.jpg

And the Malteasers go to these folksIMG_4995.jpg

Thanks to Freeside for bringing their multi-player game along. Worked really well.

We are actually going to use the Scalectrix in the teaching this semester. We will be interfacing Gadgeteer devices to the data stream that it produces and trying to make some embedded code that reads the controllers and drives the cars. Should be fun.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, sorry about some of the questions in the quiz….

There are some more pictures on Flickr. Click through any image to find the Photostream.