Saturday Open Day

Today we had our first University Saturday Open Day of the Semester. We had it on a Saturday, what are the chances eh? Anyhoo, we had good turnout, and I did two talks which seemed to go OK (at least from my point of view). Thanks for being a good audience folks.



I took the pictures at the very start, apologies to those who arrived after the snaps. There was an hour gap between the two talks, so I went out with the big camera and took some pictures that I could play around with later. I’m very into the “Painterly 2” tone map from Photomatix at the moment…


This the library looking cool.


Marketing in the flowerbeds..


This is “The Great White Way” that runs down the campus.

Thanks to everyone who came along, hope you found the experience worth the journey. For those of you that fancy coming to see us in the future, we’ll be doing exactly the same thing (even down to the jokes) on Saturday the 13th of October. Drop me a line if you fancy coming along and I’ll ensure you get a “Red Carpet Welcome” which might even involve a small piece of red carpet.