Charlie Kindel on the Future of Mobile


Charlie Kindel is one of the people who helped bring Windows Phone together. A long standing Microsoft veteran he was part of the team that got a working device out of the door in record time and built the solid foundations for things like the spiffy new Windows 8 phones that Nokia announced earlier this week (I want a yellow Lumia 920).

A year or so ago Charlie couldn’t resist the temptation to find out what life was like outside Microsoft and now develops his own products and works with startups. He has a blog that is well worth reading.  A few weeks ago he gave a presentation on the future of mobile computing. I watched it over a lunch break and I reckon you should to. It give a nice insight into how the mobile business works, but it is also worth watching for the insights into how all technology products get sold and how you need to think about the ecosystem when you make anything.