Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for PS Vita

and you get a free Lex Luthor model too.

I really like my PS Vita. I’ll like it even more when the Pinball Arcade people get the Twilight Zone pinball table onto it. However, that will be for a future blog post. Today I picked up a copy of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. I’ve always liked the Lego series of games, with their great characterisations and polished gameplay, and this implementation is just as charming as earlier ones.

They make a point of mentioning that the characters now actually speak, which is nice enough, although I always liked the way that they managed to make gestures and sound effects work so well. The PS Vita experience is remarkably like that on the big screen, although each area seems a little bit smaller than the ones I remember from other games. The emphasis is on teamwork, of course, and your computer controlled buddy is just as keen to help as a real one would be. It looks like you can do two player cooperative mode too , which is how the game should really be played.

The puzzles are mildly taxing, and it is impossible to die or get stuck, something which at my age I find really attractive in a videogame. There is also the attraction of being able to play as Superman later on, which will be fun.

If you have  PS Vita and you like Lego games then you won’t feel short changed by this, I’m enjoying ploughing my way through the levels.

Fun Fact: The original physics routines in the first Lego games were written by a graduate from our game development course at Hull, who saved the company a fortune by removing the need for them to buy an expensive physics engine.