Do Not Press This Button Unless You Mean To


I got into trouble yesterday because I pressed a button when I shouldn’t have.

Did the same today.

The fun started when I got an email from Kurt, who likes my Voice Music program (as well he might). But (and there is always a but) there was one improvement that he thought would be a good idea, and one bit that he had noticed didn’t work. So I had a look, and he was right on both counts. It took me a couple of minutes to change the feature and find and fix the bug, and then I wanted to update the application on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

I was working at speed at this point, because for some reason I wanted to watch Silent Witness and it was nearly nine o’clock. The Windows Phone Marketplace application submission page beckoned and at the bottom was the Submit button. Which I just pressed, thinking (or perhaps not thinking) that I’d be asked about uploading a replacement version on the next screen. Of course there was no next screen. That’s what submit means. I’d just started the resubmission process using the original version of the program. Wah. What a stupid thing to do. I cursed and went off to watch an hour of daft telly.

Fortunately it is not a huge problem. Since the application hasn’t changed and it was certified OK last time it won’t take long to certify again. Then I can resubmit the fixed program.

So, the lesson here folks is that you need to upload the new version of your XAP file before you hit Submit. Common sense really.