Nokia Glance Background Pictures


One of the many nice things about having a Nokia phone is that it provides “glance” content. This is stuff that appears on the screen when the phone is locked. The display is not very bright and seems to have a negligible effect on battery life, but it does add a lot of value. Currently the glance content is just the time and the charge status, but hopefully over time it will extend to include missed calls and alarms, and maybe even calendar details.

However, right out of the blue, Nokia have released a beta version of a program that lets you put pictures on your glance screen. The application ships with a few pre-set pictures, including the rather nice tiger above, but you can also process your own and add them to the four that cycle round. If you have a Nokia phone that is running the GDR 2 release (this is being rolled out at the moment) then you really should grab a copy and have a play it really is rather neat. You can get the program here.