Winning Prizes with Tags of Fun


I’ve decided to use the Tags of Fun at our 5:15 Friday lectures. Today I took along the latest incarnation, housed in an attractively designed black and white box that is just a bit too small to hold the batteries properly.

But it worked fine. Everyone who had hung on to their tags from the welcome party was able to sign in and win prizes, in this case plastic owls and some nougat from the fair. And most of the names were right too, which was nice.

I’m going to refine the design, week on week, to expand what the reader does, and maybe make a second one that will make signing up for prizes even easier.

Above you can see the Gadgeteer configuration of the device. The printer is plugged in when I need to make labels for tags, the Bluetooth lets the device talk to my Windows Phone. By Christmas it should be an amazing system. But that might be Christmas 2020……