Stand Well Back–Three Thing Game is Launching….


Students and Things of Old.

The World’s Premier Student Game Programming Competition involving Three Things is now ready for launching. We are going to have all the usual shenanigans with a Thing Auction next week (on Monday 28th at 2:15 in Wilberforce Lecture Theatre 2 since you asked) and more fun and games than you could shake a stick at. Even if you were a really good stick shaker.

If you want to enter (and you should) print out and fill in a registration form (which you can find here) and bring it to me along with your registration fee (which helps pay for the pizza).  You can even suggest a thing which you might like to bid for on the registration form. Teams of up 4 can take part. Team members don't have to be Computer Science students, but they do have to be University of Hull students.

If you’ve never written a game before I’ll be doing a Rather Useful Seminar next week (on Wednesday 30th at 1:15 in Robert Blackburn Building LTD since you asked again) which will describe how to get started with game writing in C#. Don't worry if you are just learning to program. It turns out that spending a solid day working on a project is a very good way to build your skills. This is true whether or not you want to end up as a game developer.

We will start at 7:00 pm on the Friday night (1st November) and finish by 8:00 pm on Saturday evening (2nd November). So you can spend all day Sunday recovering. We even have some proper game developers coming along to join in the fun .

If you don't have a team, don't worry. We will be using the "Team-o-matic" to create teams for individuals who haven't got one. Just fill in a form for yourself and write "Team-o-matic" as the team name.