Three Thing Game Gets Under Way


We started the Three Thing Game competition today at 7:00pm. It’s going well so far. Around 140 students turned up who are keen to spend some time making games. At the moment everyone is sitting down and working on their game projects. We have a wide range of expertise, including some folks who have been programming for just a few weeks.

We stopped at around 8:30 for pizza and pop. We had 60 pizzas delivered in a mini-convoy and they were demolished by hungry developers in about 25 minutes flat. Many, many thanks to Microsoft who not only sponsored the pizzas today but also provided Lee Stott from the Technical Evangelist team who turned up to take a look and ended up helping me dish out the food.  Lee was at an event a little further up north, but couldn’t resist heading home via Hull to see what was going on. He was telling me all about the new Imagine Cup competitions this year. Most interesting, and a great way to take your Three Thing Game experience onto the next level.

I’ve put loads of pictures on Flickr, you can find them here.