Hyperspace Cheese Battle


Ask any of our First Year students what is occupying their minds just right now and they will probably give you the response “Hyperspace Cheese Battle”. This is the assessed coursework that they are grappling with for our C# programming course. Above you can see the lovingly drawn board. This is actually version 3 of the layout, after sharp eyed students spotted some tiny flaws in previous incarnations. Ho hum.

The game is a bit like the Space Cheese Battle game that we wrote last year, but this year we are playing in Hyperspace, which means that the directions of movement are given on each square, rather than everyone following the same route around the board. There are special “cheese squares” and you can shoot at other players and cause their engines to explode.

And our students have to make the game work in C#. Most folks seem to be doing OK. If you are having problems I would give you the same advice I give everyone who is working on coursework.

  • Work on one part at a time, and don’t get deflected onto other bits until you’ve solved that part.
  • Seek help as soon as you have problems. Send me emails, drop round to my office, use the lab demonstrators, go to Peer Assisted Student Support (PASS) sessions.
  • And don’t worry.