Windows Phone MVP Pub Crawl


Fancy a drink?

Tonight Desiree took the Windows Phone MVPs out for a pub crawl. And it was superb. We went to three places in all, starting at the Elysian Brewery Company where we got started with some great food and drink.


After that we headed to Tavern Law, which had the most amazing “Speakeasy” vibe and more great food.


Finally it was on to Unicorn for more drinks, and, joy of joys, pinball and video game action.


Nothing improves a bar like a moose head. Or two.


Pinball Wizardry

Desiree’s sister, who came along as part of her birthday celebrations (and was rewarded with a Geek Chorus singing “Happy Birthday”), told me that Desiree has got venues planned for the next 5 MVP pub crawls. I’m sure she has, and I hope I get to go to some of them too. Splendid stuff.