Trance Movie Review


We went to see Trance tonight. We got a two for one deal on the tickets, which is kind of appropriate, because you get around twice as much plot as you need in the movie. The starting point, art heist that goes wrong when the man on the inside forgets what he did with the haul, is enticing enough. But then things go pear (as well as a whole number of other fruits) shaped really quickly. It is as if they sat down and decided every possible permutation of bad person and sucker and then worked through them in sequence for completeness.

The gushing interviewer on the “One Show” (always a source of unimpeachable and incisive movie reviews) said something along the lines of “Just when you think you have it figured out there is another twist that changes everything”. What happened to me was that after the film has led the audience through the third successive “bait and switch” move with the plotline you just stop caring who did what to who and just wait for the credits to roll so that you draw some kind of line under the thing.

Sometimes when I write about a film I worry about spoiling the plot. But this time I reckon that this time the director Danny Boyle (who did a great job on the Olympics)  got there first.